Support in Felixstowe at this difficult time

As we always allude to it at this moment,  these are very difficult times, however it is during these times you see the incredible strength and resilience of communities.
We already had the established organisations, Basics, FACTS, CAB and the Salvation Army, and as you would expect they continue to offer a fantastic service to existing and new clients.
Both Basics and FACTS have received grants to help them with the increased demand,  direct from East Suffolk District Council and the Felixstowe Peninsular Community Partnership, of which I am the Chair. I will liaising with the other organisations as well.
Felixstowe has also seen the emergence of a very good voluntary body, Felixstowe Helping Hands (FHH), set up by Cllr Darren Aitchenson.   He has mustered numerous volunteers who are helping people who are having to isolate,  with  the collection of prescriptions and shopping. To assist all the organisations, but particularly FHH the Town Council has established a Relief Charity with an initial pot of £10,000.  This can be used to reimburse volunteers who pay for shopping where individuals cannot get to a bank or do not have access to the internet. Whilst it is hoped the majority of people will eventually pay back the money it is not critical, there is a board of trustees to ensure no one individual abuses the process of asking too often.
Suffolk County Council have also set up Home But Not Alone which again is either there to support isolated individuals and families or where volunteers can register to help.
As a I write this to you the processes appear to have settled down and staff and volunteers are dealing with a steady and manageable flow, this obviously may change as we approach the Easter weekend.
It is encouraging that some of the independent town centre shops appear to be getting good support, long may that continue. I have only heard of a couple of instances where shops appear to be charging exorbitant prices for items, one I experienced was £2.91 for a bottle of slim line tonic! Obviously I did not buy the item and they won’t be receiving my custom again.  I would add that they were not one of the established local shops however.


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