Retail Survey

The Chamber obtained funding from the East Suffolk Partnership to run a project to engage town centre retailers, discover their views on the development of the town and to establish a representative group to take this activity forward.   Local businesses were invited to complete a brief questionnaire and to attend a meeting to discuss their views.

The main areas of concern raised in the questionnaires included:  parking fees and the use of the shared access scheme in Hamilton Road; the promotion of the town centre; organisation of regular events to attract visitors; more diversity in the type of shops e.g. fewer charity shops and more businesses offering quality products.

It was felt that the Chamber of Commerce should attempt to influence the Town Council to consider reducing business rates for town centre businesses and to offer rate free periods for new businesses.  It was suggested that the Chamber could enable better co-ordination between businesses, champion independent retailers and support events such as food festivals, business fairs and Christmas trading.

A meeting was held to discuss the views raised in the questionnaires and it was agreed to pass on the suggestions and comments to the Change Director of Felixstowe Forward for inclusion in the Town Plan.

Subsequently all businesses which had expressed an interest in the survey received the notes of the meeting and were invited to join the Chamber with a view to establishing a retail group to represent this important business sector.


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