Strolling or cycling along the prom?

There is currently a bylaw which prohibits cycling on the promenade at Felixstowe. However, the ban is not enforced and is often ignored by cyclists. Felixstowe Town Council has asked that Suffolk Coastal District Council remove the signs and allow people to cycle on the promenade. However, before any decision is made, the Council want to hear what local people think about the issue and has asked Felixstowe Forward to carry out a consultation exercise. This will run from Monday 18th April to 1700 on 27th May. Felixstowe Forward is a joint venture between the three local Councils working with a range of partners and stakeholders to tackle the Town’s challenges and improve Felixstowe. There are two clear options for this consultation – keep the signs and prohibition on cycling on the promenade making it unlawful, or remove the signs and allow cycling making it legal. We want people to give their view and urge people to take part in the consultation.

Let us know your thoughts on the subject – if you’ve already responded to the poll on the Suffolk Coastal District Council website there’s no need to add your response here as our responses will also be emailed to the them via Felixstowe Forward. Replies will be used to produce a report to Suffolk Coastal District Council for a decision.

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