April Breakfast at the Brook Hotel, with our speaker Miles Varten from FPUA

More than 90,000 vehicles come and go at Felixstowe Port a month, with 50,000 container movements a week and more than 130 companies are working in the port.

These are just some of the fascinating facts provided by Felixstowe Port Users Association deputy chairman Miles Vartan during his informative talk at the Chamber’s April Breakfast at the Brook Hotel.

Touching on Brexit, Mr Vartan said that he believed the Port was geared up and daddy to tackle any challenges posed by

any possible deal. “In fact, I believe it could prove a net benefit for Felixstowe,” he said, promising to help the Chamber improve links with the Port Authority and with the companies working there.

Following an agreement earlier this year, the Chamber and the FPUA linked with members of both organisations able to attend each other’s events at member’s rates. Further details of the FPUA’s next event in July will be forwarded to Chamber members in the near future.

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