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It has been three years since I opened up my funeral home in Walton, Felixstowe and that time seems to have flown by. The process of starting on my own and getting to the stage of having the keys to the building was a long one. I had started work in the funeral world on a part time basis as and when needed and it really went on from there. I had the chance to train as a funeral arranger and work my way up to become a Funeral Director. This was with one of the big national firms and it wasn’t until I started work at an independent funeral home the idea was there that I could actually do this myself. 
Living in Ipswich I had travelled to Cambridge and Norfolk in my previous job roles daily for a number of years. I wanted to open my funeral home closer to home. The time spent searching for the right location was never ending until the Old Bank in Walton was viewed. Not looked back since. It took six months to get the change of use through with the council to to be able to turn the premises into a funeral home.
I always knew how much hard work and dedication would be needed to make this work and even now there is still a lot of worrying and stressing on a personal note to make sure it was a success. There never really seems to be much time for social life in this line of work and trying to get the work/life balance correct is a difficulty one. When family time happens we are able to go away and switch off from it all and have that quality time. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the dedicated team I have around me who I trust 100% with everything.

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