Introduction to Mental Health

Course length: 45 minutes
Max. number of attendees: N/A
Training Provider: The Mental Health Toolkit by Suffolk Mind
Price: £250 for up to 50 attendees, £350 for 50 to 100 attendees, £450 for over 100 attendees

This session introduces you to The Mental Health Toolkit’s approach to workplace wellbeing training. It also provides you with fascinating insights into our Emotional Needs & Resources, the causes of stress and mental ill health.

We all have a brain, and we’re all on the mental health continuum. And stress is the crossover point between wellbeing and mental ill health. One in four of us will have a period of mild/moderate mental ill health in any given year. If we can avoid stress as much as possible, we can help prevent mental ill health.

While just a snapshot of The Essentials, The Mental Health Toolkit’s half-day training, the Introduction to Mental Health session will help you begin to discover more about your Emotional Needs, and the innate resources we have to get them met. This will empower you to start supporting yourself and the people around you.

For enquires and to make a booking, please visit The Mental Health Toolkit website.