Supporting Mental Health

Course length: 2 days
Max. number of attendees: 16
Training Provider: The Mental Health Toolkit by Suffolk Mind
Price: £230 per person

Supporting Mental Health is a two-day course providing your team with the practical tools and confidence to support themselves and their colleagues.

A healthy relationship between team members is essential for wellbeing, and has a direct effect on productivity, motivation, and engagement across your organisation.

The Mental Health Toolkit’s qualified trainers teach practical skills, along with a framework for effective communication. This will enable you and your team to feel confident to have open and productive conversations with each other.

According to HSE, poor mental health is now the #1 reason people miss work. This course can help you address this.

Supporting Mental Health will also:

  • Provide a clear organising idea and language for understanding and talking about mental health within your organisation
  • Explain how people think and communicate when they are experiencing strong emotions
  • Develop communication skills to support wellbeing and recovery
  • Learn a communication framework to structure support with confidence
  • Help release the burden of thinking you need to know all the answers
  • Help your team to understand that their role is to facilitate the way forward for their colleagues, not to solve their challenges
  • Build on existing skills and experience so people can confidently support others and reach outcomes for challenging situations
  • Encourage colleagues to build on their own skills and experience

The knowledge and skills gained from attending this course give people the confidence they need to handle conversations around mental health face-to-face, online or over the phone.

This training is ideal for:

  • Leadership teams
  • Line managers
  • Supervisors
  • People supporting others at work
  • Roles that support service users
  • Mental health first aiders who want to learn more
  • People who want to learn how to support others around them, either at work or at home

Supporting Mental Health covers:

  • The Emotional Needs & Resources approach to mental health
  • Effective communication skills
  • How to stay clear-headed and calm
  • Practicing taking the heat out of a conversation
  • How to reduce stress and distress
  • How to work safely and effectively with the RIGAAR communication framework
  • How to agree goals and develop successful strategies for change
  • Practical application of the learning through relevant case studies

This course will provide your colleagues with the practical tools to help effective communications with members of their team. The benefits also extend to communication with friends, family and the general public – improving all-round wellbeing.

For enquires and to make a booking, please visit The Mental Health Toolkit website.