The Essentials

Course length: 1/2 day (3.5 hours)
Max. number of attendees 16
Training Provider: The Mental Health Toolkit by Suffolk Mind
Price £75 per person

The Essentials is an award-winning workshop that provides the foundation for mental wellbeing, and it’s at the core of everything The Mental Health Toolkit does.

This course takes you through the Mental Health Continuum – the spectrum of mental health that we are all on – and introduces you to the Emotional Needs & Resources approach.

Unmet emotional needs trigger symptoms of mental ill health, and understanding how to meet them helps you understand what you need to be well, and enables you to take of yourself and those around you.

The Essentials course will help you:

  • Undo misconceptions about mental health
  • Raise awareness of your emotional needs
  • Support yourself and those around you
  • Better understanding of sleep and mental health
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Create a healthier place to work

The Essentials course covers:

  • The Mental Health Continuum
  • Emotional Needs
  • Sleep & Depression
  • Security & Trauma
  • Innate Resources

Go beyond the signs and symptoms to learn about the most exciting and cutting-edge approach to workplace wellbeing in the UK.

Outcomes for The Essentials attendees:

  • 10 out of 10 previous attendees made plans to use the content of The Essentials workshop to help themselves or their workplaces
  • One month later, nine out of 10 said they have implemented those plans
  • 95% of previous attendees made plans to support themselves

We recommend The Essentials workshop to get a good base-level understanding before attending other courses from The Mental Health Toolkit website.