5 Elements

Our focus is about your personal development within martial arts, it’s not just all about self defence moves.

We have the best qualified instructors that are certified with black belts and have been professionally trained to tutor martial arts classes.

The academy is continually cleaned regularly throughout, with the comfort of safety matted flooring in the training areas.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

In our martial arts academy we predominantly teach classes in Muay Thai Kickboxing for all ages, abilities and fitness, from 3 years old to senior adults and everyone between.

Adult Kung Fu

We also teach Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu within the academy from 13 years to adults, so if you prefer a slower pace of martial art then this could be for you

Target Setting Skills

With our grading system adults are challenged through skillful physical and mental exercise to work towards the next colour belt and achieve their target. As you work hard and reach each achievement naturally your self-esteem will grow.

Enhanced Focus & Self Discipline

Intricate physical activities like martial arts have been tested to increase the brain’s neurological functions, allowing adults to boost their concentration and cut down on stress levels. In turn this can impede depression and other mental matters.

Up-grade Your Self Esteem

The buzz and emotion you hold when training with a another student in front of your tutor and the other class students is equal to performing an important demonstration at work, or asking for a higher position in the company, or just asking a future partner on a date. Your confidence will rise up to a higher level, and that’s when you’ll understand you can succeed in anything!

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