Fire Warden

Course length: 1/2 day (4 hours)
Max. number of delegates: 12
Training Provider: Grant Whitehead, GIFireE

Awarding body:
Members £80 per person (20% Discount)
Non-members £100 per person

Fire warden training is essential to ensure thorough fire awareness and extinguisher training is key to understanding the threat posed by fire. It is recommended that fire wardens undertake training every 3 years. Our fire warden training course content includes hands on fire extinguisher training and interactive training in risk assessment and mitigation.

  • Fire legislation, facts and figures
  • Combustion principles and how fire spreads
  • Fire case study
  • How to spot common hazards
  • Actions in the event of fire and evacuation principles
  • Fire wardens’ responsibilities
  • Routine fire safety checks
  • Fire extinguisher theory and practical

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