First Aid

You must make appropriate first-aid arrangements for your workplace. In doing so you should consider the circumstances of your workplace, workforce and the health and safety risks that may be present to help you decide what arrangements you need to put in place.
Felixstowe First Aid Training

Who would be the ultimate training provider to delivery first aid training in Felixstowe? What if The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust training department were able to come to Felixstowe and offer your staff first aid training right here in Felixstowe themselves?

First aid training certification Felixstowe
First aid training certification Felixstowe

All trainers are skilled ambulance clinicians, with many years of experience working as paramedics and emergency medical technicians within The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust and full Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work training and certification will be given.

We can also offer on-site first aid needs assessment bespoke to your workplace environment focusing on topics which are relevant to your business, retail, office, warehouse, factory, plant operations and haulage entities in Felixstowe.  Being first aid trained is one thing, having the confidence to do something rather than nothing is a powerful skill to have, at work, and at home.

We offer a comprehensive range of courses, including:

Workplaces where there are more significant health and safety risks are more likely to need a trained first-aiders. A first-aid needs assessment will help employers decide what first aid arrangements are appropriate for their workplace and The Felixstowe Chamber of Commerce can help you with this.